How to customize the appearance and behavior of UI elements in SwiftUI using modifiers

SwiftUI modifiers can be applied to views in order to customize their appearance.

Modify a Text view to make it bold:

Text("Simple Swift Guide").bold()

Multiple modifiers can be applied at the same time. Modify a Text view to make it bold, italic, underlined and change text color to red at the same time:

Text("Simple Swift Guide")

To change font sizing, multiple options are available such as .largeTitle, .title, .headline, .caption or .footnote. Experiment with some of them to see what happens:

Text("Simple Swift Guide").font(.headline)

In previous post, we learned about combining multiple views into stacks. For example, to change the background color of entire stack use the .background modifier:

VStack() {
    Text("Simple Swift Guide").font(.headline)
    Text("A blog about iOS development").font(.subheadline)

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